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SOL#15 spring break goals

My goals

Spent time with my mom/ dad

  • Talk to my friends from Arizona 
  • Go shopping ❤️
  • Hang out with my brother Ivan.
  • Stay up all migh/ wake up late
I’m for sure not going to do most of my goals, but it wont hurt to try. What are you goals?


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SOL#4 Ohana🤞🏽❤️

Today 3/7/18
In my 3 block we were talking about the shooting that happed in Florida. This reminded me of something really sad. It reminded of something in the past. My dad dads died, he died when my dad was 7 years old. I never got to meet him. My anti was a baby so she didn’t meat her dad. Last year we went to Mexico. We went to visit him where they buried him. We visited him every single day we were there.

SOL#1 Laila’s birthday

March first is my friends birthday. Yesterday we went shopping to get her a gift and I got her something at first I didn’t know what to get her because I really don’t know her so its hard to know what to get her. What I got her was........ it’s a surprise jk I’m get her chips and chocolates Reese’s I didn’t know if she would like them but she did.
Update I got her makeup...

SOL#7 #EnoughisEnough

Why doesn’t the government or the president do anything about the shooting. I honestly feel bad for the perents that lost their children. Imagine you being in that school. You have to feel safe in school. With what happened in Florida I stared not to feel safe in school or at my moms house or anywhere. This has to stop.