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SOL#15 spring break goals

My goals

Spent time with my mom/ dad

  • Talk to my friends from Arizona 
  • Go shopping ❤️
  • Hang out with my brother Ivan.
  • Stay up all migh/ wake up late
I’m for sure not going to do most of my goals, but it wont hurt to try. What are you goals?


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The butterfly project is about the holocaust. Each student got a poem, children wrote it and they were part of the holocust. They had to imgaey the stuff that happened from the poem to make a butterfly. The butterfly has to match the poem that you got.
Illness (click the title to hear me read the poem)
Sadness, stillness in the room.
In the middle, a table and a bed.
In the bed, a feverish boy.
His mother sits next to him
With a little book.
She reads him his favorite story
And immediately, the fever subsides

Books I finished

This school year I have finished 7 bookes. I was not here since the beginning of the school year. I moved from Arizona. Here is the list of all the books I finished:

Smile, Raina Telgemeler Ghost, Raina TelgemelerInsignificant Events in The Life of A Cactus, Dustl Boling The BFG, Quentin BlakeThe baby-sitters club 4, Raina TelgemelerFrazzle Orainary mishups, Booki Vivat Dork Diaries 3, Rachel Renee Russell This year I became a better reader by doing my daily homework witch is reading 20 pages and doing signpost. Something that I learned by reading is that it doesn’t matter what grade you are in or how old you are you will still read. Something that I learned about myself from reading is that I actually like reading books that have a lot of pictures. Stories have helped me to help others and to not be scared of meeting other people. Over the summer I’m trying to read more books with pictures. Even tho I didn’t finish a lot of books it’s okay because next school year I’m try to finish 25…

SOL#1 Laila’s birthday

March first is my friends birthday. Yesterday we went shopping to get her a gift and I got her something at first I didn’t know what to get her because I really don’t know her so its hard to know what to get her. What I got her was........ it’s a surprise jk I’m get her chips and chocolates Reese’s I didn’t know if she would like them but she did.
Update I got her makeup...