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Favorite book from Q3

My favorite book from Quarter 3 is called “The Baby-Sitters Club” it’s the 4th one. It’s about two sister they both are really different there names are Claudia and Janine. Claudia she pays more attention to her art work. Janine studies nonstop and she gets straight As, she even gets college-level courses. Claudia doesn’t like math as much as her sister does. My favorite part in the book is in the beginning when Claudia didn’t know her math problems. Read to find out if she passes her math test.


  1. I wonder if the two sisters find some things to agree upon?


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The butterfly project is about the holocaust. Each student got a poem, children wrote it and they were part of the holocust. They had to imgaey the stuff that happened from the poem to make a butterfly. The butterfly has to match the poem that you got.
Illness (click the title to hear me read the poem)
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